Novlyn A. Hinson, MA, LPC
Licenced Professional Counselor

Sometimes you just need someone to talk to. Someone who knows how to ask the right questions and then really listens to your answers. Someone who is candid and direct with you, pointing out things that need to be looked at, and then helping you to look at them. Someone who knows when to be supportive and when to be directive, and who will understand and integrate your faith and values. I think that counseling should be like talking to a really good friend, one who has knowledge of you and of connections which might be at work in your life, and who has permission to confront you and ask you hard questions.

I would describe my counseling as interactive and problem solving. I focus my attention on adult issues and transitions, such as depression, marital issues, issues of faith, trauma recovery and crisis counseling. My goal is to help people work through life issues, make decisions and better understand themselves. This often includes looking at issues from their family of origin and their current family and working to have healthier relationships.

I have almost 20 years of experience of working with clients in a variety of settings. I’m here to use my experience and commitment to help you improve your life and relationships.


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