Janice Grose, LCSW
Individual Therapy
Career Consultant

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Career Counselor. I have provided career development services to both individuals and groups for the past 10 years as well as employees from private and corporate businesses, associations, and government agencies (IBM, AOL, Cisco, Motorola, Gateway Computers, Washington Post, Red Cross, IRS, NIH, USGS, DIA, etc.)

As both therapist and career counselor, I have the ability to quickly assess client strengths, barriers, and competencies and to collaborate with clients to develop clear reachable career and personal goals while addressing career and individual barriers. I am known affectionately by my clients as the "Resume Queen" because of my keen ability to enhance their resumes showcasing distinctive strengths.

I am certified in trauma treatment from the University of Maryland. I work with post-traumatic issues of sexual and physical abuse and with adult children who grew up in homes where mental illness and/or substance abuse were present.

I am the mother of four grown children and re-entered the work force after being a full-time homemaker for over 15 years. I am a Christian and support clients’ religious foundation and I am comfortable in allowing it to be a part of therapy.


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